Treatment For Kidney Infection

Treatment For Kidney Infection. Can Yogurt Cause Yeast Infection

Treatment For Kidney Infection

    kidney infection

  • Pyelonephritis is an ascending urinary tract infection that has reached the pyelum (pelvis) of the kidney (nephros in Greek). If the infection is severe, the term “urosepsis” is used interchangeably (sepsis being a systemic inflammatory response syndrome due to infection).


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treatment for kidney infection

treatment for kidney infection – Himalaya Herbal

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare UriCare/Cystone, Urinary Comfort, 240 Vcaps, 840mg
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare UriCare/Cystone, Urinary Comfort, 240 Vcaps, 840mg
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Today I went to the first specialist, and had an excellent report, thank you for the prayers! I found out ultrasounds are left to interpretation, and “the cyst on the kidney” is too immaterial to be characterized and may be an anomaly of the ultrasound. Specialist did some diagnostics. Apparently getting stuff out of my system from the adverse/allergic reactions to treatments from a “diagnosed” infection. I have a follow up appt with specialist in a few months, system doing great, although still have “poofy abs”. I was told that severe stress / spasm could have caused the “poofiness”, maybe even exacerbated with taking antibiotics, apparently I got double dosed with antibiotics that I am allergic to. In speaking with the specialist, I can have as many children as I wish to. The second cyst is not on my uts, but at the ovy; quite common, there was some type of communication disconnect when I received the results, these two areas are quite different with their implications, still pending follow up with next specialist in October about this.

This all started after July 12, 2011. Within 48 hours of taking the Ciprofloxacin, starting July 12, 2011; I swelled up like a balloon, my abs, both sides of my back and my right flank, I also felt like I have an inner tube around my lower abs, in addition, I was so puffed up that I could barely eat without feeling that a rock was going through my system and getting the feeling of facial swelling and airway constriction-it was like I was being pushed in or something from front and back. I called the dr/do several times and pharma to alert, and was just told to keep taking these things, one time even to take advl (although I expressed concern due to side effects could trigger an asthma attack-which I had under control until this incident!!). I was thinking I was making progress daily and was very concerned and watching for adverse reaction per discussion with dr, until I lost circulation on Sunday July 17, 2011 and had to go the emergency room and told ER I had a reaction with panic attack. I requested a change of medication and was given Levo., and the swelling went down a bit, but still had poofy abs and the allergic reaction and finished the 3 day supply with a great deal of problems. I am obviously allergic to both meds, and was being too totally strong about this.

Presently I can only sleep at best 2 to 3 hours, and than get up every hour or so thereafter, and have other discomfort associated with the poofy abs. I found out this should all work itself through, since I never had this particular problem prior to the medications, but had other issues associated with stress whilst working / college times and my “delicate me”.

September 4, 2011: I was able to get 6.5 hours of sleep one night since this time, however it is still a challenge.

Orthosiphon Aristatus (Kumis Kucing)

Orthosiphon Aristatus (Kumis Kucing)
In our language, Javanese, we call it "Kumis Kucing" (Cat Moustache).
In the US it may be commonly known as Cat’s Whiskers or Java tea.

Orthosiphon aristatus is from the family of Lamiaceae / Labiatae. The plant is a medicinal herb found mainly throughout South East Asia and tropical Australia.

It has been used for many centuries as a treatment for ailments of the kidney, bladder stone, urinary tract infection, liver and bladder problems, diabetes, rheumatism and gout. It is also used to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. It is believed to have antiallergic, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, and is used as a remedy for arteriosclerosis (capillary and circulatory disorders). It has a mild diuretic action, so it is very useful for flushing the kidneys and urinary tract. It also relieves spasms of the smooth muscle in the walls of the internal organs, making it valuable for gallbladder problems. Researchers have found it to be mildly antiseptic as well.